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Yu or ait?

Being a local isn’t just a source of pride for us, it’s a speciality. We know what makes Papua New Guineans tick and how we like to do business. It’s these traits that our clients have come to trust and why we are uniquely positioned to help you.

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Lukim yu.

Why we are the way we are
A common vision

The firm commenced operations in 2003 when Peter Lowing commenced practice. Peter Lowing was subsequently joined by Michael Sullivan and Stephen Lewin in September 2010, both having previously practiced in Papua New Guinea, joined the firm as Partners. Eunice Parua was elevated to Partner in 2018.

The firm has agents and relationships with legal and accounting firms in various parts of the world. It does not have any formal relationship with any other legal firm in Papua New Guinea or elsewhere.

Key performance area
Service delivery
The firm prides itself on its legal excellence and industry knowledge in the fields in which it practises. We are able to provide high level commercial legal advice to the same standard as leading Australian and international law firms, often in conjunction with leading Australian and overseas legal and accounting firms.
Key performance area
24 hour availability
We provide each client with one or two contact persons for each individual matter ensuring each client has a reliable lawyer readily available to complete transactions within required time frames. We utilise the latest information technology resources to ensure that all our team members can receive and respond to client enquiries in a timely manner regardless of their location or time zone in which the client is operating.
Key performance area
Presentation of advice in plain English
The firm adopts a consistent plain English approach to all documents and transactions including a large database of precedents and law library to support our practice.
Key performance area
Cost estimates
When asked to act on a matter, our lawyers will provide an estimate and a scope of work and where possible break down the work into required steps. We will only commence work when the client confirms in writing that the estimate is acceptable and we will provide monthly updates of costs against budget including monthly billings.
Key performance area
Our lawyers are experienced in attending meetings both overseas and in Papua New Guinea and use virtual meeting technology platforms including Zoom, Teams and What’s App. We use the latest information technology resources including full PNG law databases to ensure that our advice is timely and up to date.
Key performance area
Industry knowledge
Partly due to the extensive experience of our lawyers and the maintenance of up to date databases and libraries, our lawyers have specific industry knowledge gained by many years of working and advising in those industries, the benefit of which will be available to each client.
Key performance area
Because of the size of the Papua New Guinea legal market, and our strong position within that market, we find some conflicts arising in some transactions. We have a transparent no conflict policy and we generally do not believe in the efficacy of "Chinese walls", unlike many of our competitors. Conflicts can arise both legally and commercially. If faced with a legal or commercial conflict, we will meet with the client and resolve the issue as soon as becoming aware of any potential conflict.
Key performance area
Post transaction debriefs
Due to the substantial size of most of the transactions we are involved in, we and our clients often find it useful to conduct a post matter meeting to raise any issues including whether the transaction could have proceeded differently, the costs involved and any other issues which arise during the transaction with a view to maintaining and improving our transparency and our client relationships.
Key performance area
We provide training and significant development opportunities for our PNG lawyers. Most of our work is carried out in Papua New Guinea regularly exposing our PNG lawyers to major transactions.